About Us

15 years of success – and still growing

PJ Entertainments – one of the World’s leading distributors of Malayalam motion pictures

Established in 2002, and based in the UK, PJ Entertainments was born out of a passion for Malayalam films and a desire to increase their availability across the World. And the company has been spectacularly successful. During the initial days for example, Malayalam films were released in the UK at the rate of one every few months, and they could be seen at minimal theatres. In 2016, PJ Entertainments had released 18 Malayalam titles in more than 150 theatres across several countries.

But the success of PJ Entertainments in promoting and distributing content from the Malayalam film industry is not limited to the UK. The company is now one of the World’s largest distributors of Malayalam films, with distribution operations worldwide.

Despite its success over the past 15 years, PJ Entertainments is not resting on its laurels. As well as committing to even higher levels of release volumes and venues, the company also intends to introduce films in other Indian languages in the near future.


Prajeesh Kumar