DURATION 124mins
RELEASE DATE May 15, 2015


A charming Malayalam comedy that proved a box office hit on release in India. Chandramohan (Dileep) works for the government, as does his wife Sushama (Anusree). Chandramohan is also a classical music lover who contributes reviews to leading magazines. His wife soon becomes jealous of Chandramohan’s association with the dancers about whom he writes, and starts to keep tabs on him. But their life really turns upside down when they take a trip to Thanjavur. There they meet an astrologer – who reveals some surprising aspects about Chandramohan’s past! Director Sidharth Bharathan coaxes delightful performances out of veteran performers Dileep and Anusree in this winning romantic comedy, one that broke box office records during its opening weekend.


Director Sidhnarth Bharathan
Producer Sameer Thahir, Shyju Khalid, Aashiq Usman
Script Santhosh E