DURATION 160mins
RELEASE DATE Nov 7, 2014


Iyobinte Pusthakam (The Book of Job) is a family saga and a love story set in the backdrop of Munnar,during the period between 1920′s – 1970′s.It is a fiction that is set on the socio-political scenario of those times. The story revolves around Job,a landlord and the dilemma in which he is entrapped, caused by his three sons.Job backed his older sons,Dimitri and Ivan for all their misdeeds to expand his control over the province.
The friction between the elder brothers and Aloshy started when he was 8years old, and he was forced to leave home. The story gains momentum when a grown up Aloshy, who now has a past behind him, decides to return home to see his childhood sweetheart, Martha. In a parallel development of events Aloshy is determined to save his love and his aging father who has now abdicated to his corrupt and toadying elder sons. The main story intensifies between the time period of 1947-1957, which happens to be a lawless time before even Kerala was born. Iyobinte Pusthakam will be a vintage thriller narrated with utmost style, music and action sequences like never before . An epic tale of three bothers and their father living in the remote wilderness of 1900′s and how their lives are affected by history, nature, war and love.


Director Amal Neerad
Producer Fahad Fazil
Script Gopan Chithambaram & Shyam Pushkaran