DURATION 143mins
RELEASE DATE Oct 7, 2016


A fearsome granny terrorises her family in this novel Malayalam comedy-drama

Sexagenarian Rowdy Leelamma (Rajini Chandy) is the scariest grandmother you’ve ever seen. Nobody is immune from her acid tongue as this bitter old woman makes life a misery for her family. She attacks her son Siby (Suraj Venjaramoodu), claiming he’s being henpecked by his wife Jean (Lena). Even her long-suffering grandchildren and their friends don’t escape her regular rages. Eventually, Rowdy’s family depart for a well-deserved break leaving her in the company of Jean’s sweet-natured mother Susamma (Bhagyalakshmi). This proves to be a life-changing experience. Jude Anthany Joseph’s follow-up to the hit romantic comedy ‘Ohm Shanthi Oshaana’ is a hugely entertaining, ultimately warm-hearted fable. Having been unable to interest established Mollywood actors in the lead role, he held an open casting call. This led to the discovery of newcomer Rajini Chandy, who gives a terrific performance as the granny from hell who’s mellowed by a new friendship.


Director Jude Anthany Joseph
Producer Mukesh Mehta & AV Anoop
Script Jude Anthony Joseph