DURATION 130mins
RELEASE DATE Dec 20, 2013


The story of a Thrissur based man named Joy Thakkolkaran. He aspires to become a businessman. On his research, he finds the business possibilities of agarbattis. He also found that elephant dung can be effectively used as a raw material for making agarbattis. Likewise, he decided to start his business on making agarbattis from the dung. For that he made a contract with the Devaswom Board for getting the dung. Everything was going perfect with Joy until a new Chairman joined the Devaswom who suspended his contract with them. Things get worse for Joy without the dung and desparate Joy runs hither and fither insearch of the required raw material.


Director Ranjith Sankar
Producer Jayasurya & Ranjith Sankar
Script Ranjith Sankar