DURATION 155mins
RELEASE DATE Jan 29, 2016


Dileep plays to his strengths in this hilarious Malayalam comedy about a layabout who emigrates to Canada. Ullas (Dileep) is a likable, carefree trickster who makes a modest living by deceiving the people of his hometown while dreaming up various get-rich-quick schemes. Chief among these is his plan to relocate to a prosperous foreign country. He eventually hits gold by securing a marriage proposal from wealthy Malayali Canadian citizen Laya (Mamta Mohandas). But having married in haste, Ullas repents at leisure when he finds that he has virtually nothing in common with his bride. Having turned his hand to a variety of genres, Dileep returns to the kind of crowd-pleasing comedy with which he made his name. Two Countries reunites him with his My Boss co-star Mamta Mohandas, and they’re well served by Rafi’s quip-packed script. It also marks Rafi’s younger brother Shafi’s return to filmmaking after a three-year break.


Director Shafi
Producer Renjith Rejaputhra
Script Rafi