Mohanlal Is Out Of My Reach Now, Says Kamal

Kamal is one of the rare film-makers of his generation, who has succeeded in making good films without succumbing to the industry pressures. In a recent interview, Kamal revealed why he is not working with Mohanlal.

Sadly, the senior director feels that Mohanlal is out of his reach now. Kamal says that the complete actor has grown to become a superstar who now stands beyond the reach of the directors like him.

The director admits that he is someone who doesn’t know to make use of the star value of an actor. Kamal says that he cannot make films for Mohanlal, the star; but can surely bring out the best in the actor.

But now, both Mohanlal and his fans want the films which perfectly uses his superstardom. That is the major reason why Kamal feels that the actor has become unapproachable for the film-makers like him.

Mohanlal and Kamal last associated for the 1998-movie, Ayal Kadha Ezhuthukayanu. The duo was later supposed to team up for Chakram, but the project shelved due to the creative differences between the actor-director duo.

However, Kamal is still confident that he can convince Mammootty to shed his star image and play a down-to-earth character. The megastar teamed up with Kamal for the off-beat flick Karutha Pakshikal, immediately after the success of Rajamanikyam.

Well, we really hope that Kamal will soon team up with Mohanlal once again, for a project which will make use of the actor’s talents to the fullest….